Marilyn Manson - Новая Фонотека В Кармане

Marilyn Manson
Новая Фонотека В Кармане

Новая Фонотека В Кармане ‎– TS0140/TS0141


2 x
CD, Compilation, Unofficial Release, MP3, 160-192 kbps



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Electronic, Rock


Alternative Rock, Industrial, Thrash, Glam, Illbient, Goth Rock

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1993 - Demos In Lunchbox
1-1Marilyn Manson
Cake And Sodomy
1-2Marilyn Manson
Suicide Snowman
1-3Marilyn Manson
1-4Marilyn Manson
1-5Marilyn Manson
1-6Marilyn Manson
Wrapped In Plastic
1-7Marilyn Manson
Intro/Misery Machine
1-8Marilyn Manson
Booker T
1-9Marilyn Manson
Cat In The Hat
1-10Marilyn Manson
Justify My Love
1-11Marilyn Manson
Dope Hat
1-12Marilyn Manson
Strange Same Dogma
1-13Marilyn Manson
Let Your Ego Die
1-14Marilyn Manson
1-15Marilyn Manson
White Knuckles
1-16Marilyn Manson
Luci In The Sky With Diamonds

1994 - Get Your Gunn
1-17Marilyn Manson
Get Your Gunn (Album Version)
1-18Marilyn Manson
Misery Machine (Album Version)
1-19Marilyn Manson
Mother Inferior Got Her Gunn
1-20Marilyn Manson
Revelation #9

1994 - Portrait Of An American Family
1-21Marilyn Manson
Prelude (The Family Trip)
1-22Marilyn Manson
Cake And Sodomy
1-23Marilyn Manson
1-24Marilyn Manson
Organ Grinder
1-25Marilyn Manson
1-26Marilyn Manson
Dope Hat
1-27Marilyn Manson
Get Your Gunn
1-28Marilyn Manson
Wrapped In Plastic
1-29Marilyn Manson
1-30Marilyn Manson
Sweet Tooth
1-31Marilyn Manson
Snake Eyes And Sissies
1-32Marilyn Manson
My Monkey
1-33Marilyn Manson
Misery Machine

1995 - Lunchbox
1-34Marilyn Manson
1-35Marilyn Manson
Next Motherfucker (Remix)
1-36Marilyn Manson
Down In The Park
1-37Marilyn Manson
Brown Bag (Remix)
1-38Marilyn Manson
Metal (Remix)
1-39Marilyn Manson
Lunchbox (Highschool Drop-Outs)

1995 - Smells Like Children
1-40Marilyn Manson
The Hands Of Small Children
1-41Marilyn Manson
Diary Of A Dope Fiend
1-42Marilyn Manson
Shitty Chicken Gang Bang
1-43Marilyn Manson
Kiddie Grinder (Remix)
1-44Marilyn Manson
Sympathy For The Parents
1-45Marilyn Manson
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
1-46Marilyn Manson
Everlasting C***sucker (Remix)
1-47Marilyn Manson
F*** Frankie
1-48Marilyn Manson
I Put A Spell On You
1-49Marilyn Manson
May Cause Discloration Of The Urine Or Feces
1-50Marilyn Manson
Scabs, Guns, And Peanut Butter
1-51Marilyn Manson
Dance Of The Dope Hats (Remix)
1-52Marilyn Manson
White Trash (Remixed By Tony F. Wiggins)
1-53Marilyn Manson
Dancing With The One-Legged...
1-54Marilyn Manson
Rock 'n' Roll Nigger

1996 - Antichrist Superstar
1-55Marilyn Manson
Irresponsible Hate Anthem
1-56Marilyn Manson
The Beautiful People
1-57Marilyn Manson
Dried Up, Tied And Dead To The World
1-58Marilyn Manson
1-59Marilyn Manson
Little Horn
1-60Marilyn Manson
1-61Marilyn Manson
1-62Marilyn Manson
1-63Marilyn Manson
Mister Superstar
1-64Marilyn Manson
Angel With The Scabbed Wings
1-65Marilyn Manson
1-66Marilyn Manson
Antichrist Superstar
1-67Marilyn Manson
1-68Marilyn Manson
Minute Of Decay
1-69Marilyn Manson
The Reflecting God
1-70Marilyn Manson
Man That You Fear
1-71Marilyn Manson

1997 - Singles & Soundtracks
1-72Marilyn Manson
The Horrible People
1-73Marilyn Manson
The Tourniquet Prosthetic
1-74Marilyn Manson
Dried Up, Tied And Dead
1-75Marilyn Manson
Antichrist Superstar
1-76Marilyn Manson
Man That You Fear
1-77Marilyn Manson
Sweet Dreams
1-78Marilyn Manson
Dance Of The Dope Hats (Remix)
1-79Marilyn Manson
Down In The Park
1-80Marilyn Manson
Next Motherf****r
1-81Marilyn Manson
The Beautiful People
1-82Marilyn Manson
The Horrible People
1-83Marilyn Manson
Sweet Dreams
1-84Marilyn Manson
1-85Marilyn Manson
Apple Of Sodom
1-86Marilyn Manson
I Put A Spell On You
1-87Marilyn Manson
Long Hard Road Out Of Hell

1998 - Mechanical Animals
1-88Marilyn Manson
Great Big White World
1-89Marilyn Manson
The Dope Show
1-90Marilyn Manson
Mechanical Animals
1-91Marilyn Manson
Rock Is Dead
1-92Marilyn Manson
1-93Marilyn Manson
The Speed Of Pain
1-94Marilyn Manson
1-95Marilyn Manson
I Want To Disappear
1-96Marilyn Manson
I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)
1-97Marilyn Manson
New Model No. 15
1-98Marilyn Manson
User Friendly
1-99Marilyn Manson
Fundamentally Loathsome
1-100Marilyn Manson
The Last Day On Earth
1-101Marilyn Manson
Coma White

2001 - From Highway To Hell (Covers The Beatles, Contains Some Remixes & Unreleased B-Sides)
1-102Marilyn Manson
Highway To Hell
1-103Type O Negative
My Girlfriends Girlfriend
1-104Unknown Artist
Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2
1-105Marilyn Manson
Golden Years
1-106Marilyn Manson
Sweet Dreams (Cyric Remix)
Remix – Cyric
1-107Marilyn Manson
Suicide Is Painless
1-108Marilyn Manson
Down In The Park
1-109Marilyn Manson
Five To One
1-110Marilyn Manson
Like A Virgin
1-111Unknown Artist
Terrible Lie
1-112Marilyn Manson
Sweet Dreams (House On The Haunted Hill Remix)
1-113Marilyn Manson
Sick City
1-114Marilyn Manson
Iron Man
1-115Marilyn Manson
Rock`N Roll Nigger
1-116Marilyn Manson
1-117Marilyn Manson
Working Class Hero
1-118Marilyn Manson
Come Together (Live)
1-119Marilyn Manson
My Monkey (Live)

1998 - Reflecting God
2-1Marilyn Manson
Reflecting God
2-2Marilyn Manson
Great Big White World
2-3Marilyn Manson
Cake & Sodomy
2-4Marilyn Manson
Post Human
2-5Marilyn Manson
Mechanical Animals
2-6Marilyn Manson
Sweet Dreams
2-7Marilyn Manson
Speed Of Pain

1999 - Coma White
2-8Marilyn Manson
Get My Rocks Off
2-9Marilyn Manson
Coma White (Acoustic)
2-10Marilyn Manson
A Rose And A Baby Ruth
2-11Marilyn Manson
Coma White

1999 - The Last Tour On Earth (Live)
2-12Marilyn Manson
Inauguration Of The Mechanical Christ
2-13Marilyn Manson
The Reflecting God
2-14Marilyn Manson
Great Big White World
2-15Marilyn Manson
Get Your Gunn
2-16Marilyn Manson
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
2-17Marilyn Manson
Rock Is Dead
2-18Marilyn Manson
The Dope Show
2-19Marilyn Manson
2-20Marilyn Manson
I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)
2-21Marilyn Manson
Antichrist Superstar
2-22Marilyn Manson
The Beautiful People
2-23Marilyn Manson
Irresponsible Hate Anthem
2-24Marilyn Manson
The Last Day On Earth
2-25Marilyn Manson
Astonishing Panorama Of The Endtimes

2000 - Holy Wood
2-26Marilyn Manson
2-27Marilyn Manson
The Love Song
2-28Marilyn Manson
The Fight Song
2-29Marilyn Manson
Disposable Teens
2-30Marilyn Manson
Target Audience (Narcissus Narcosis)
2-31Marilyn Manson
"President Dead"
2-32Marilyn Manson
In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death
2-33Marilyn Manson
Cruci-Fiction In Space
2-34Marilyn Manson
A Place In The Dirt
2-35Marilyn Manson
The Nobodies
2-36Marilyn Manson
The Death Song
2-37Marilyn Manson
Lamb Of God
2-38Marilyn Manson
Born Again
2-39Marilyn Manson
Burning Flag
2-40Marilyn Manson
Coma Black
2-41Marilyn Manson
Valentine's Day
2-42Marilyn Manson
The Fall Of Adam
2-43Marilyn Manson
King Kill 33°
2-44Marilyn Manson
Count To Six And Die (The Vacuum Of Infinite Space Encompassing)
2-45Marilyn Manson
The Nobodies
2-46Marilyn Manson
Mechanical Animals
2-47Marilyn Manson
Tainted Love

2001 - Collection
2-48Marilyn Manson
The Nobodies
2-49Marilyn Manson
I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)
2-50Marilyn Manson
Rock Is Dead
2-51Marilyn Manson
Burning Flag
2-52Marilyn Manson
Great Big White World
2-53Marilyn Manson
Cake And Sodomy
2-54Marilyn Manson
In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death
2-55Marilyn Manson
Coma White
2-56Marilyn Manson
Wrapped In Plastic
2-57Marilyn Manson
Antichrist Superstar
2-58Marilyn Manson
Rock'N'roll Nigger
2-59Marilyn Manson
Get Your Gunn
2-60Marilyn Manson
Sweet Dreams
2-61Marilyn Manson
Mechanical Animals
2-62Marilyn Manson
The Last Day On Earth
2-63Marilyn Manson
The Love Song
2-64Marilyn Manson
User Friendly
2-65Marilyn Manson
Born Again (Live)
2-66Marilyn Manson
A Rose And Baby Ruth

2002 - Dancing With The Antichrist
2-67Marilyn Manson
2-68Marilyn Manson
Good Son
2-69Marilyn Manson
Man Son Of Sam (Persian Mix)
2-70Marilyn Manson
Rock N Roll
2-71Marilyn Manson
Same Strange Dogma (At Home Mix)
2-72Marilyn Manson
2-73Marilyn Manson
Standing In Line
2-74Marilyn Manson
Telephone (Reversed Charge Remix)
2-75Marilyn Manson
6 Hard Month
2-76Marilyn Manson
The Beautiful People (The WWF Remix)
2-77Marilyn Manson
The Fight Song (Slipknot Remix)
2-78Marilyn Manson
Kinderfeld (Corn Mix)
2-79Marilyn Manson
Sweat Dreams (Nightmare Remix)
2-80Marilyn Manson
The Reflecting God (Dark View Mix)

2002 - Resident Evil
2-81Marilyn Manson
The Fight Song (Slipknot Remix)
Remix – Joey Jordison, Sean McMahon
2-82Marilyn Manson
Resident Evil Main Title Theme
2-83Marilyn Manson
Seizure Of Power
2-84Marilyn Manson
2-85Marilyn Manson

2003 - mOBSCENE
2-86Marilyn Manson
mOBSCENE (Album Version)
2-87Marilyn Manson
Tainted Love (Re-Tainted Interpretation)
2-88Marilyn Manson
mOBSCENE (Sauerkraut Remix)
2-89Marilyn Manson

2003 - The Golden Age Of Grotesque
2-90Marilyn Manson
2-91Marilyn Manson
This Is The New Shit
2-92Marilyn Manson
2-93Marilyn Manson
Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag
2-94Marilyn Manson
Use Your Fist And Not Your Mouth
2-95Marilyn Manson
The Golden Age Of Grotesque
2-96Marilyn Manson
2-97Marilyn Manson
Ka-Boom Ka-Boom
2-98Marilyn Manson
2-99Marilyn Manson
2-100Marilyn Manson
2-101Marilyn Manson
The Bright Young Things
2-102Marilyn Manson
Better Of Two Evils
2-103Marilyn Manson
2-104Marilyn Manson
Obesquey (The Death Of Art)
2-105Marilyn Manson
Tained Love

2004 - Lest We Forget - The Best Of
2-106Marilyn Manson
The Love Song
2-107Marilyn Manson
Personal Jesus
2-108Marilyn Manson
2-109Marilyn Manson
The Fighting Song
2-110Marilyn Manson
Tainted Love
2-111Marilyn Manson
The Dope Show
2-112Marilyn Manson
This Is The New Shit
2-113Marilyn Manson
Disposable Teens
2-114Marilyn Manson
Sweet Dreams
2-115Marilyn Manson
2-116Marilyn Manson
2-117Marilyn Manson
Rock Is Dead
2-118Marilyn Manson
Get Your Gunn
2-119Marilyn Manson
The Nobodies
2-120Marilyn Manson
Long Hard Road Out Of Hell
2-121Marilyn Manson
The Beautiful People
2-122Marilyn Manson
The Reflecting God
2-123Marilyn Manson

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2 CD comes with a 2-page booklet in a double jewel case

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Text): 4 607037 703940

  • Barcode (Scanned): 4607037703940

  • Matrix / Runout (CD 1): TS0140

  • Matrix / Runout (CD 2): TS0141